The (really) little things

There’s no getting away from it – a lot of my time is spent on really boring routine stuff. The area where I get some guilt now and then is wasting money and not looking after my body by eating stuff that’s less than optimal for me. A quick lunch at work, a dinner out or a take away, skipping breakfast and many other terrible habits. These can all be good things if they are an occasional treat, but with other stresses of life taking over I notice these treats turning into habits. And that’s no good for my waistline or my pocket. Overtime it can also begin making me feel powerless and unable to stay in control.


I have decided to trick myself in sticking to better habits for longer by getting some cute and clever lunch boxes. The easier they are to use, the less likely I am to come up with an excuse to not bother.  I am so consciously grateful for this simple tool of every day life that I can easily make a list of reasons I now have for making lunch/breakfast:

  • My boxes are bright and cheerful. Such a good way to break up the grimness of an office day
  • They are just the right size for the meals I want to fit in them
  • They have a clever lid which means they don’t splash in the microwave and a handle to make it easier to hold while the food is very hot
  • Having to wash them before I go home gives me a break away from my desk for 5 minutes
  • I had some nice chats to people in the queue for the microwave, or occasionally connect with a stranger over a shared reason to tutt.
  • Oh and I’m saving money and am more in control of what and how much I eat.

And now I am excited about figuring out new meals ideas or clever ways to jazz up the leftovers. All of this just to find more excuses to use my boxes!

Drop me a line or a comment if you have some inspiration to share


One thought on “The (really) little things

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  1. Its an awesome idea. and when you get a routine going it really works. I do a weekly food prep! so every sunday eve ill make the meat for the week. put it in 5 freezer bags seperatly in individual portions and then cook the sides for the next day every eve. takes minutes and saves tons of time!

    This is an awesome start 🙂


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