Less is more

This week the feeling of days getting longer really kept me going. Maybe it was more noticeable because daylight seemed to linger around the time I usually leave the office. It felt so much nicer to get outside and still get some light. The feeling of spring is in the air and my very bones are itching to go.

A Lithuanian proverb says that you should prep your sled in the summer and your wheels in the winter. So with a tiny bit of winter still left I’m busy getting my summer ducks in a row! The best way to start is by taking stock. Just a quick look and it’s clear – I have too much stuff. Especially since some items never left the boxes after I moved last summer. This is a story everyone has been through.

The liberation that comes from purging your wardrobes and storage is cathartic. It feels like my mind itself has more space to breathe and think. That camera lens that sounded like a good idea and then never fit? Ebay! The office clothes that never seem to make any outfit? Charity shop! Those boots I never got around to breaking in? Gone! And don’t get backpack-trail-hikingme started on knick-knacks. Bags and bags went out the door and out of my life. Never to be missed.


I’m not gonna lie, I did fill some of that space with other stuff. But that really goes under the banner of getting my wheels ready for summer. Some new camping equipment to really keep that enthusiasm going. I am solar powered and longer days means more oomph to do stuff that makes me happy.


What will you do with more time in your day?


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