Wasting time

Some might say that staring at the sky is wasting time, but I’ve found myself doing that more and more lately. Maybe it’s the evenings getting lighter and the fact that I don’t miss the sunset while stuck in an underground tunnel on the way home. I guess I can write this off as an upside of daylight savings.


Staring at the sky is like a meditation for me lately. Taking time to look at the colours change, the shapes move and fold while trying to really stop thinking about anything is such a pleasure. The lights flicker on and off in buildings on the horizon (I see office space skyscrapers and apartment building blocks) when people migrate through their routines and I am fighting my brain from thinking all about those goings on. The layers of colours and shapes formed by nature is a good way to aid the focus away from the urban distractions and think bigger.


After a day long marathon of staring at a nearby screen on my desk or in my hand, looking at a distant horizon is a welcome respite for my tired eyes and a good way to disconnect before plunging my focus into yet another screen or a book.

It’s also a lovely thing to glance at while doing stretches or other form of exercise – much better than a treadmill tv screen!


Sometimes the sight is just so breathtaking that I cannot help but reach for my camera or some other device to capture the view. My latest go-to technique is time-lapse videos (check out Workshops if you fancy learning more about this technique). Speeding up something gradual gives a different perspective on time and the things we take for granted.

This is how I choose to find a few moments for mindfulness in my day. What do you do to find a moment of peace in your day?


Here’s a cheeky time-lapse of the sunset taken with my phone.

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