The other hours and the happiness habit

A long time has passed since I last wrote. At first this gap made me feel uncomfortable, guilty, accountable. I kept thinking about all the plans I had, like keeping regular posts and a better routine, using this as a creative outlet and channeling my various pastimes into this. And then I worked hard to let go. It’s okay to let life take over sometimes.

So much was happening around me that coping with each day and each challenge took priority and my fried brain found the more slack pastimes a better refuge. That’s what was needed then, but I’m hoping to take better control of my ‘other hours’ over time.

If you haven’t come across this expression or the many tributes to it yet, it is the hours we all have that are not consumed with work and sleep/chores. I have seen a video on this randomly a while ago and the idea of it really stayed with me. It is truly up to me to decide what I have to show for my other hours. Will it be a completed boxset on Netflix? A finished book? A DIY project? A nice conversation with an old friend?

I have spent time admiring others in their use of their own other hours, while not making much progress on my own action. It’s not all in vain though as I can truly say I have learned a lot from observation and sometimes fanciful fantasies of future adventures. I became a member of a number of forums and groups where people share their adventure stories, plans and words of advice. I read about many different experiences and have been inspired with the obstacles people have overcome to achieve their goals. It’s cheesy but sometimes it’s exactly what I need. There’s no shame in letting a bit of ‘cheese’ into my life!

Some of what I observed made me realise that I have been preventing myself from making progress because I thought my back/hip issue was limiting me from the kinds of adventures I wanted to have. And that’s true, I cannot currently do the kinds of things I had built up to doing in the past. But what I saw ‘out there, on the interwebs’ was that there are more kinds of adventures and more kinds of ways of starting the progress of getting back out there.

This is not a New Year resolution, but I think I need to go back to what I have forgotten and make happiness a habit. It won’t be easy but it’s a habit worth building.

What habits (other than the drink-more-water and get-enough-sleep kind) are you in or hoping to achieve?

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