Wasting time

Some might say that staring at the sky is wasting time, but I've found myself doing that more and more lately. Maybe it's the evenings getting lighter and the fact that I don't miss the sunset while stuck in an underground tunnel on the way home. I guess I can write this off as an... Continue Reading →

Less is more

This week the feeling of days getting longer really kept me going. Maybe it was more noticeable because daylight seemed to linger around the time I usually leave the office. It felt so much nicer to get outside and still get some light. The feeling of spring is in the air and my very bones... Continue Reading →

The (really) little things

There’s no getting away from it – a lot of my time is spent on really boring routine stuff. The area where I get some guilt now and then is wasting money and not looking after my body by eating stuff that’s less than optimal for me. A quick lunch at work, a dinner out... Continue Reading →

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