Wasting time

Some might say that staring at the sky is wasting time, but I've found myself doing that more and more lately. Maybe it's the evenings getting lighter and the fact that I don't miss the sunset while stuck in an underground tunnel on the way home. I guess I can write this off as an... Continue Reading →

Walking for sanity – Waterlink Way

Physical activity is one of the best ways to get some mind space and generate some feel-good chemistry in the brain. Feeling fitter and getting a dose of endorphins are not the only reasons I find myself craving a walk. Exploring the city I live in makes me feel closer to the community and navigating... Continue Reading →

Optimism & Resilience

Last week I attended a workshop on Optimism and Resilience run by Maria Antoniou from Prothos Consultancy. Here are a few thoughts that came up as a result of this workshop and networking.   Scheduling ahead I often struggle to keep motivated to attend events or participate in something unless I have already committed to... Continue Reading →

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